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Saxophone Flute Clarinet and more

  • Learn beginner to advanced Saxophone technique

  • Theory and application

  • Increase your range, improve your tone and articulation.  

  • Get faster, louder, better.  

  • Learn to improvise.  

  • Study and understand Jazz/Classical/Funk/Rock/World music


Drum Circle

Central Park Drummers and Youth Beats Drum Circle

Group Classes in World percussion and drum  circle with Djembes

Central Park Drummers

November 15: 

Below is Eat your veggies and Richard playing the walk and another rhythm.

Check out Ali Farka Toure and Ry Cooder playing 'Bonde' off of the albumTalking Timbuktu for 12/8 or '3' feel/rhythms and a nice steady boom beat. 

We play this feel in Naningo and elsewhere. Good to practice to but not for eat your veggies!

Eat your veggies

Richard demonstrates the 'walk' and 'clave' on Djembe

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