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Saxophone Flute Clarinet and more

  • Learn beginner to advanced Saxophone technique

  • Theory and application

  • Increase your range, improve your tone and articulation.  

  • Get faster, louder, better.  

  • Learn to improvise.  

  • Study and understand Jazz/Classical/Funk/Rock/World music

Lessons: About the Studio

Drum Circle

Central Park Drummers and Youth Beats Drum Circle

Group Classes in World percussion and drum  circle with Djembes

Lessons: Welcome

Central Park Drummers

November 15: 

Below is Eat your veggies and Richard playing the walk and another rhythm.

Check out Ali Farka Toure and Ry Cooder playing 'Bonde' off of the albumTalking Timbuktu for 12/8 or '3' feel/rhythms and a nice steady boom beat. 

We play this feel in Naningo and elsewhere. Good to practice to but not for eat your veggies!

Lessons: Text

Eat your veggies

Lessons: Video

Richard demonstrates the 'walk' and 'clave' on Djembe

Lessons: Video
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