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Performing artists then and now...

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All ages and styles welcome!

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Horn is a a funk driven, modern classical and jazz influenced instrumental group.  Sonic landscapes driven by interlocking syncopated rhythms united by improvisations of melody and groove.

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Theresa Michelle-Mohr, EP

Produced, Recorded, and Mixed.  Check out her latest release of Close the Distance.  And soon to be released: Burnt Toast, Tree Line, and Running in Jeans- Watch out for the Video!

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Phil Bulmer's approach to creating music banishes weary clocks and refocuses time.

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Mark Perry

When we first opened, Mark Perry came in and recorded and video one of his classics- Northbound with Mark Thibealt and Ian Olmstead.

Check out the video from our earliest session at Old Highway Studios.

He then came back and recorded vocals and guitar for his Covid hit, Flatten out the Curve. See the video

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