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Spring thaw repeat

It's the end of March, 2023. I'm in Vancouver for a short reprieve from Smithers. Vacation, celebrations, mixing it up and of course family. Thunderous waves of rain distract colorful laughing conversations with old friends and I'm grateful for the visit- for the here and now but also the memory visits that seem to appear from the shadows when sharing space with old friends and family. When we return, snow will be melting and new projects will busy my mind with their preparations. I continue to write small things, incomplete but eager imaginations- one day, maybe soon, I'll put them together and then put them out. I've finally signed up for distribution through Tunecore. and entered that new world. Continuing to embrace the present and future directions of this industry while keeping rooted and growing in the passionate beginnings of the art... Stay tuned, I seem inspired to write. And please, leave a comment if you're interested or want to engage...

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