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Upcoming projects

I'm super excited looking forward this month and the next. Upcoming recording and mixing projects I'm working on include a couple of (and there's more in the wings from this prolific writer) great originals by Theresal Michelle-Mohr. We've already laid down the drum and bass. We recorded those over a weekend in Prince George at the Vault Studios with Justin Gendreau on Drums and Melissa Walker on Bass. Naomi Kavka has put some beautiful cello on a title track and is set to do some more in early December. But before that, I am working with Sarah Northcott on a couple of originals that we'll record with Mark Thibealt, Naomi Kavka, and Jake Jenne. Somewhere in there, as well, we'll have Ian Olmstead in with Jake and a guitar player to be determined to record the band portion of an original tune of John Wrights scribing. It's busy and exciting to be sure. There's also rumour that Phil Bulmer has some work for us and I might even pick up some horns to lay out for his work. Much to say and much to do. Now that winter is here, the extra chore of clearing the snow and getting out in our winter playground is added to the list. With room for the laughter and learning from my beautiful family (and now new versions on the way...) , I'm continuously reminded of am grateful.

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